Microsoft releases Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

After months of beta testing and experimentation, Microsoft has finally released the much awaited feature for Windows Azure, Hyper-V Recovery Manager.


Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager

Through Hyper-V Recovery Manager, you can make realtime asynchronous copy of Virtual Machines (VMs) running at your data centers. This will come handy if either of the Virtual Machines go off rail, and you have to restore settings.

Since the official and final version has now been made available to the public, both Microsoft and Enterprise SLA will be able to provide support for this software.

“Hyper-V Recovery Manager’s singular focus is to deliver a simple and cost-effective solution. By leveraging the power and reach of Windows Azure and Windows Server’s in-box replication technology in Hyper-V Replica, Hyper-V Recovery Manager can provide a high-performance, low-cost DR solution for every inch of an organization.” said Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Windows Server & System Center

Microsoft says that the app is very easy to install and configure. And once you have got it started, it will automatically start replicating data so as when something goes haywire with any of the running VMs, you can restore it to a working state. Another feature that got our attention was remote monitoring. It is exactly what it sounds like, you will be able to control your Server from any remote location.

Microsoft has pinpointed several cases where this new technology can come handy, along with how can you get this software. You can read the detailed analysis here.

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