Microsoft averages $2 million a day in software donations

Year 2013 has been a remarkable year for Microsoft. The software giant initiated dozens of amazing programs all aimed at helping people and their businesses around the globe. Documenting all of this, and how well it all went, Microsoft has released the Citizenship Report for the year 2013. Let’s take a brief look at it.

Citizenship Report 2013 TheWindowsClub

In last few months, Microsoft launched many campaigns and programs to benefit people. This year Microsoft provided over $100 million to around 18,000 nonprofits worldwide. Through its Microsoft YouthSpark initiative, the software giant provided education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities to over 100 million youth from all across the world. Their original goal is to reach 300 million youth, which they hope to reach within 3 years.

Doing its share to save our mother planet, Microsoft formulated many schemes to reach its goal of carbon neutrality. Speaking on this occasion, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said,

“Our commitment to citizenship is brought to life by the work we do in serving communities, championing the growth of our people, and meeting our commitment to responsible business policies and practices.”

Microsoft showed that it doesn’t only care about money, if the intention of the applicant is the welfare of the community, they are qualified for receiving Office and other Microsoft services at discounted price and even for free. It donated over $2 million a day in software in the last 12 months or so. In total, Microsoft has donated over $795 million worth software to more than 70,000 nonprofits.

You can download the entire report from here.

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