Microsoft Azure IP Advantage shields customers from Patent Infringement

Cloud Computing has transversed a long way and has transformed by creating new capabilities, insights, and efficiencies. Cloud Computing has helped businesses transform and has been increasing productivity in every possible way. The transformation also means that every business in the economy has become a part of the digital business and the challenges are often part and parcel of digital business.

Microsoft Azure IP Advantage

Microsoft Azure IP Advantage

Microsoft has been keeping a close tab on the challenges and has also been devising ways of overcoming them. However, one of the most challenging aspects is the risk of patent infringement. Microsoft is offering their two decades of experience and the entire legal infrastructure in order to help its customers deal with the risk. The company has decided that it will use the patent portfolio to help protect the cloud customers.

Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program is touted as the industry’s most comprehensive protection against intellectual property risks. According to statistics from Boston consulting group, there has been a 22 percent rise in cloud-based IP lawsuits over the course of last five years in the United States. The Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program will, however, include the following benefits.

The intellectual property protection will offer uncapped indemnification coverage and will also open source the technology that powers Microsoft Azure, for instance, the Hadoop which is used in Azure HD Insight. Microsoft will also make 10,000 of its patents available to customers using Azure services for the purpose of helping them to defend against patent lawsuits.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also assuring that it will be transferring the patents in the future to non-practising entities and if this happens no claims can be asserted against them.

With all the changes and improvisations Microsoft is expected to offer customers industry-leading protection against intellectual property risk in the cloud.

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