Microsoft Band SDK Preview for Developers released

Microsoft Band is a cross-platform wearable which keeps track of your health and fitness on the go. Just like your health assistant, Microsoft Band acts as an important accessory by displaying various notifications and alerts from messaging, calendar and other third party apps present on your phone.

Microsoft Band SDK Image

Microsoft Band SDK Preview

Today Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Band SDK for third-party developers. The Microsoft Band SDK Preview gives developers access to various sensors available on the band, as well as the ability to create and send notifications to tiles. Developers can now enhance and extend the experience of their applications directly on to their customers’ wrists.

Since the Band is cross-platform, Microsoft has put in good efforts, in coming up with separate SDKs for different mobile platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS. Developers can download these SDKs by visiting the Microsoft Band website

Along with the different SDKs, one can also access additional resources like documentation, design guidelines and release notes.

The Microsoft Band visual guidelines defines various design elements, colors, typography, iconography, interaction patterns and template libraries which is a good starting point for any Band developers to go through. Download the visual guidelines in PDF from here.

Microsoft Band SDK Preview

The complete Microsoft Band SDK documentation can be downloaded here. The documentation contains details like updating notifications on Band tiles and accessing different sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, distance, heart rate, pedi meter, skin temperature, UV and device contact.

This cross-platform Band SDK by Microsoft could attract more developers across different ecosystems to bring their code and create compatible accessory apps for their already existing apps.

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