Microsoft: Banner ads stink !

After her first 100 days on the job, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of global ad sales Carolyn Everson has reached this conclusion: Banner ads stink! With this in mind, she’s planning to reach out to a partner less familiar to the software/media giant — the creative community — for help.

Microsoft is planning to set up a series of meetings with top creative agencies and executives across the industry as part of an Everson-led effort to reinvigorate online creative, and to attract more traditional brands in the process.

“We have to completely reinvent display advertising,” she said. “The digital industry faces [the] challenge [of convincing advertisers] that the Internet is a good place to build a brand. That’s why I want to reach out to the creative community. That’s priority No. 1.”

Everson also wants to use Bing to enhance MSN more—by having users searches better inform what content they see featured on the site.

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  1. Custom Banner Design

    Microsoft should really embrace the creative community in an effort to change banner ads and display advertising in general.

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