Microsoft Beam2 is now live globally

Microsoft Beam2 Live is now available globally. After being in its Beta trial version for a few months, the major update to Beam is now available for users globally. Matt Salsa Mendi, co-founder of Beam, announced this major update via his twitter handle. However, the official announcement is yet to be made by the company.

Microsoft acquired Beam, the live streaming video platform in summers last year and this is the first major update after its acquisition. The live streaming platform Beam is basically focused on video gaming and also lets users interact with each other. The main idea behind Microsoft acquiring Beam was to let users watch Beam live streams on Xbox One with a better and quicker streaming.

This update was initially made available as a Beta trial only to the Beam Pro users. This is a major update which brings a new user interface, some new features, and functionality improvements.

Beam2 Live Features

The first and foremost change noticed in this update is the revamped homepage with a new logo, many channels, and streams. Xbox Live sing-in is another notable feature of this update. Users can now sign into Beam with their Xbox Live account and stream the gameplay. However, this feature is optional for now, Microsoft will reportedly make it a mandatory feature soon.

Besides its new and more responsive interface, the updated Beam brings a better and faster HTML-only video player, and shorter animations. With the faster player, users can now stream their videos at 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1440p. The new and updated Beam will now load the videos around 5 times faster than before.

Other salient features added to this update include two-factor authentication, better visual experience, and refurbished chat experience. While the updated version is already rolled out, new mobile apps and Xbox One support are supposed to be added very soon.

If you are facing any issues or bugs with the updated Beam2, you can roll back to the previous version via your Account Settings. Head over to Beam2 and enjoy the new interface and interesting new features.

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