Microsoft To Bring Android Apps To Windows Phone and Tablets

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  1. Article is so meaningful but I think Microsoft will not go with ‘Virtualization’ (if at all) because it has certain limitations in stability and performance in phone environment rather ‘Sandboxing’ Application is a promising option to adopt within Windows and Windows Phone environment to run APK files..Separate environment for separate codes…If Microsoft will go with APK in Windows this seems to me a good option for the smooth adoption of Android Application in Windows. Time will let us know

  2. It’s been almost a year we are being told about these rumors but not even a singe legit source hinting it to be true. I think i would tell ’em to stay on own ecosystem and do more efforts than ever to expand it as they are doing it now by promoting Windows 10 else merging apps would ruin the modern Windows UX. But you know if it do lives more people would be pleased at first place.

  3. On the website for windows developers there is a page where it is detailed how to convert existing ios or android apps to windows platform

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