Microsoft brings asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft Edge

Microsoft mentioned recently that they are all set to bring asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft’s new browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft developed asm.js with Mozilla. With the help of Mozilla and Unity Microsoft could bring asm.js to Chakra and Microsoft Edge.

This integration will make the Chakra Javascript and Microsoft Edge 3 times quicker than Internet Explorer 11. The integration will also result in faster execution of Type Specialized bytecode that will remove the overhead of generating profile data while interpreting. With the help of this integration, Chakra’s JIT compiler will do faster code compilation.


Changes that integration of asm.js brings

In order to understand the changes, lets first understand what asm.js is. Asm.js is a strict subset of JavaScript that is used as a low-level language for compilers. Microsoft mentions how it works effectively got JavaScript engines.

“A combination of static and dynamic validation allows JavaScript engines to employ techniques like type specialized compilation without bailouts and ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation for valid asm.js code. Such compilation techniques help JavaScript execute at “predictable” and “near-native” performance, both of which are non-trivial in the world of compiler optimizations for dynamic languages like JavaScript.”

Microsoft also mentions some of the changes that will take place due to integration of it in Chakra and Microsoft Edge.

  • The addition of an asm.js validator, which helps Chakra identify and validate that the code adheres to the asm.js specification.
  • Generation of optimized Type Specialized bytecode.
  • Faster code compilation by Chakra’s JIT compiler. The code is typically generated by using the LLVM compiler and Emscripten toolchain. Chakra’s JIT compiler takes advantage of some of the optimizations that are already available in the asm.js source code generated by the LLVM compiler.
  • Predictable performance by removal of bailouts from compiled asm.js code.

Though Microsoft is not ‘ready yet’, however they mention,

“This is an exciting step towards bringing asm.js to the web platform underneath Microsoft Edge.”

Read the complete information on asm.js on Microsoft Edge Dev Blog.

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