Microsoft building Xbox Surface, a 7-inch gaming tablet?

It looks like Microsoft is planning to manufacture a new gaming tablet which will measure around 7 inches. Various sources of news are confirming that planning and designing of the hardware is under process and most probably the name given to this device at the preliminary stage is Xbox Surface.

Xbox Surface Specs

The specifications although are not available officially, some sources have already posted the specs of the gaming tablet.

The 7 inch display is of the touch LED type. It has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. The card slot that is going to be found in the tablet is for SD cards. The operation of the device is supported by an ARM processor. The GDDR memory of Xbox Surface is likely to be 1.2 GB one.

Another exciting feature of this Xbox Surface gaming tablet is the inclusion of 3D effect. The complete direct 3D 11 supports will make your gaming sessions much more exciting. It is provided with 3.0 USB ports, which are four in numbers. You will be able to store 250 GB in its memory and enjoy high specification games on this device. A 1440p output is also available with this gaming device named Xbox Surface.

The processor is going to be an ARM one of the custom type and it will be coming with the high-bandwidth RAM. These two features are particularly helpful for gaming devices. Specifications can be changed so as to allow Intel SOC to fit into it if need. The full version of Windows 7 would not be available on the gaming device rather it is going to get a Windows kernel version. The focus though has not shifted from gaming still with this tablet you would be able to send some messages and enjoy other functions that you will get in even in non-gaming tablets.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I have to say it’s a fake. That’s a lot of power for a tablet, and a 2.5″ SCSI 10K RPM hard drive? No way it’s real. Heat and space wouldn’t work for a tablet with that much power. I hope I’m wrong and it is real – it’d be one heck of a tablet! But, look at the Surface Pro with inferior specifications at ~$1200USD. Throw a lot more higher spec hardware in a smaller form factor and sell it for a lot less (no one would pay >$1000 for a gaming tablet)? No way. 

    I would love to see something like this see the light of day, though! It would be amazing!

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