Microsoft buys N-Trig, the Surface Pen maker

Continuing its series of acquisitions, Microsoft is now buying N-Trig, the company that provided stylus for Surface 3 Pro. The transaction details as to how much is Microsoft spending to acquire the stylus maker firm is undisclosed at the time of writing this article.

Microsoft Buys N-Trig Surface Pen Israeli Firm

However, “The Gobal“, an Israeli finance newspaper, has reported that their sources place the acquisition at around $200 million. It was “The Global” that first reported that Microsoft is buying out N-Trig, a company with 190 odd employees. The company had been focusing on creating digital pens and stylus in recent past. It was reeling with financial difficulties and Microsoft investment comes as a relief for the firm so that now it can continue its research operations without having to worry about finance.

Unlike other pens, the Surface Pro 3 came with a stylus that 256 levels of sensitivity while a competitor Wacom makes pens that have 1024 levels of sensitivity. But Microsoft focused on the former (N-Trig) as the stylus along with Surface Pro was well received by the market. Also, the N-Trig creates pens that combine pen and touch sensitivity into a single layer so it is best suitable for upcoming Surface Pro which is said to as much or more slimmer compared to Surface Pro 3.

Even as N-Trig was struggling with financial problems and good competition from Wacom, Microsoft’s deal concerning creating stylus for Surface Pro 3 was a relief. The company wanted to go public but could not do that for some reasons. Microsoft was its largest buyer and almost 79% of the revenue was raised by selling pens for Surface Pro 3. After the success of Surface Pro 3 and the fact that N-Trig is researching on pens that could provide better accuracy, Microsoft did not delay purchase of the firm.

The Israel-based firm, N-Trig, has not commented upon the sales, EI Reg said. When Microsoft Israel was approached, they too said that they did not have anything to share.

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