Microsoft can use Integrated Graphics for malware scanning with Intel’s new Technology

Intel feature recently announced a new Threat Detection Technology that builds upon silicon-level functionality. This feature, called as Accelerated Memory Scanning, will be helping Microsoft in improving the detection and fixing of advanced cyber threats and exploits.

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Intel Accelerated Memory Scanning

Whenever a computer is scanned by any antivirus or Windows Defender, the antivirus takes up a huge amount of CPU power. This results in the overall performance of the PC to drop. But with the implementation of this new technology from Intel (Accelerated Memory Scanning), machines equipped with Integrated Graphics from Intel can use this new technology. Here, the Integrated Graphics Processor will be used by the Antivirus to scan the memory based cyber threats.

Intel claims that, during the internal testing, the CPU utilization dropped from 20 Percent to 2 Percent. Which is really a significant drop which boosts the performance in a great manner.
You can check out the video they published just to prove their point.

Microsoft is expected to use this Accelerated Memory Scanning capability into their Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) antivirus capability in the near future.

They are also introducing something called Advanced Platform Telemetry. With this, the monitoring of processor activities will be allowed. With the Machine Learning capabilities, it gets a significant accuracy boost. The crux of this technology is that the algorithm can analyze information coming off the processor and detect if the unusual activity happening inside of it is a threat or not. Cisco will be providing it the Tetration Platform. This platform will come along with the Data Center Security and Cloud Workload Protection. Cisco claims that this level of security can also detect activity done by malware similar to Spectre and Meltdown.

If you are curious, you can learn more about this technology here.

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