Microsoft COFEE available to individuals too

Microsoft COFEE is being made available to individuals employed by law enforcement agencies within the United States and Canada.

microsoft cofee

COFEE means the Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor tool that fits on a USB drive and automates the execution of commands for data extraction and related documentation.

Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE) is a modified USB flash drive for investigators for quick extraction of forensic data from computers that are suspected to contain evidence of criminal activity. It allows investigators to search through data onsite as an automated forensic tool. The device, developed by Microsoft, is activated by being plugged into a USB port, and purportedly contains 150 commands that can dramatically cut the time it takes to gather digital evidence.

Distribution is limited to law enforcement agencies. Access to the COFEE product requires verification of employment with a law enforcement agency and agreement to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft/NW3C Sublicense Agreement.

For more details and Cofee FAQ visit Microsoft.

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