Microsoft collaborates with various organizations to bring value to customers

The Microsoft Convergence 2015 that took place recently in Atlanta, brought about a lot of new announcements from Microsoft. One of these announcements was Microsoft’s collaboration with various industry leaders in order to bring value to the customers. This collaboration will help businesses deliver unparalleled experiences to their clients and customers.

Microsoft's collaboration

Microsoft’s collaboration with various organizations

In an attempt to help organizations build an amazing experience for the customers, Microsoft is offering various support systems to these companies. Here are few of the organizations which joined hands with the software giant.

  • Ford Motor Co. is one of these companies which teamed up with Microsoft. They will together create Ford Service Delivery Network that will be powered by Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. As mentioned in the Micrsoft News Center, this network will benefit the Ford and Lincoln owners as they get convenience of new connectivity services that keep them better informed and in control of their vehicles at all times.

Besides this vehicle manufacturing giant, Microsoft’s collaboration extends to the companies from various other fields such as sales, field service, digital transaction management and analytics markets. Some of these companies are:

  • This is a leading cloud-based sales acceleration technology company. With Micrsoft’s collaboration, this company will offer its complete sales acceleration platform, which includes PowerDialer, PowerStandings, NeuralView and Vision, to customers using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.
  • FieldOne Systems: The company creates field service management software for businesses. With this collaboration, the company will offer a top notch customer experience in the field while maximizing operational efficiency and mobile workforce productivity.
  • DocuSign Inc.: The company is in electronic signature technology and offers Digital Transaction Management (DTM) services. With Microsoft’s collaboration with this company, DocuSign will bring the DTM platform to Microsoft Dynamics CRM users around the world.

Apart from the companies mentioned above, Microsoft will collaborate with some other organizations such as ThousandEyes Inc. and Fusion Software Inc.

You can read the complete post regarding Microsoft’s collaboration with different organizations on Microsoft’s News Center.

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