Microsoft announces dates for the developer event, Connect(); 2016

Microsoft has announced their event for developers, Connect (); The event will be held on November 16th at 8:30am ET and will be streamed online. The Connect(); developer event is similar to Build and will be the 3rd one to be hosted. It will continue through November 17th with Q&A and immersive on-demand content. The Microsoft Connect(); 2016 developer event will demo the innovative technologies and the solutions that will eventually help the developer build any application on any platform.

Microsoft Connect(); 2016

Microsoft Connect(); 2016

One can watch Executive VP President Scott Guthrie, Program Manager Scott Hanselman alongside other industry leading figures. The innovators will teach how to create data-driven intelligent solutions and increase the productivity of the development teams by leveraging the latest tools and services. Furthermore, the discussion is also expected to touch the topic of

Furthermore, the discussion is also expected to touch the topic of what’s new in Microsoft Cloud. Also, during the on course of the event one would have the opportunity to engage in the live Q&A sessions with the Microsoft engineering teams, customers and partners in order to learn how intelligent apps will work across Android, iOS, Linux and Windows.

Al Hilwa, IDC was quoted saying,

“Microsoft’s Connect(); developer event has grown into a significant milestone for developers building modern apps for cloud, mobile and DevOps deployment scenarios, in the process helping drive positive business impact at their companies”

Says Microsoft,

Developers inspired us to create the Connect(); event. You are at the center of incredible business transformation and the disruption of entire industries through the development of powerful apps that change the world.  For the past two years, we’ve unveiled new innovative technologies and solutions at Connect(); that represent our relentless drive to meet the needs of any developer, building any application on any platform.  Connect(); 2016 is the next step on our cloud-first, mobile-first world journey.

The event has been catering to the needs of developers from the last two years by unveiling new innovative technologies and solutions. If you are a developer and want to keep yourself updated with the new developer tools and features they have to offer, Connect (); is the best bet.

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