Microsoft deactivates all Windows 10 Insider Preview Pre-release product keys

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  1. so, does this mean if I’ve had preview installed and today downgraded to win 7 to upgrade again (many issues) it wont activate anymore? would have been nice some sort of pre warning i.e in 2 x days keys will be killed off

  2. No those were for Insider Preview….On 29th Final ver will release & you can upgrade from Windows 7…& later can clean install too

  3. If you downgrade and then again try to install one of the preview versions of Windows 10 (using ISO), you may not be able to activate it. But if you have reserved your copy of Windows 10 using Get Windows App on Win 8.1 o Win 7 SP1, you will get a notification when your upgrade is due and then you can upgrade to Windows 10.
    In short, if you have a preview installed right now, I won’t suggest going back to 8.1 or 7 as it will take a good time before you can upgrade to Windows 10 again.

  4. I am Using windows 10 for months testing and upgrading from version to version.
    I have this activation problem now and it says i am not activated.
    why ? what can i do ??

  5. This worked for me also, Mike! Thanks! But, by the way, did you receive any build updates after activating or are still running 10130? I don’t know if I will get any update before tomorrow’s final release!

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