Microsoft details new developer opportunities through Universal Windows Platform

Yesterday at the launch of Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, Microsoft has detailed how the Universal Windows Platform will open new opportunities for developers around the World. Let’s look at some major announcements that you should know as a developer.

Reaching out to multiple device type

Universal Windows Platform

If you thought that Windows 10 would just be limited to Phones, Tablet and PC’s, Microsoft is thinking a step ahead. Windows 10 and the apps that run on it, are going to run on a number of new devices. The list includes the HoloLens, Xbox One, and IoT devices like the Raspberry Pi 2.

Developers can use a single codebase and an adaptable UI to circulate the app on multiple devices that have Windows 10. Windows Store makes it easy to publish, promote, and monetize apps and games to capitalize on the global Windows 10 audience of consumer and business customers.

Personalizing user experience

With Windows 10, developers can build greater mobile experiences for multiple platforms and create a greater connect between your user experience and application. With the Universal Windows Platform, application running on the phone can be transferred to a larger screen, hence now phone applications can start using a full-sized monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

David Tredwell mentioned at Windows blog,

“Windows 10 provides many ways for you to empower users to do great things. From our iconic Live Tiles, to our new Web browser (Microsoft Edge), to Cortana, to the Action Center, developers can integrate and extend Windows capabilities. We know that getting your app installed is the first hurdle – you need to constantly re-engage your users. With Windows 10, we will help increase discovery by connecting customers to apps and features, much like Cortana helps customers today”.

No Coding restrictions

With Universal Windows Platform, Developers can choose any coding language (C++, Java, .NET, Open GL, Ruby, Python, Web, C#, XAML, Silverlight) than they want. Microsoft is also introducing Universal Windows Platform Bridges that makes it easier for a wide spectrum of developers to create Windows 10 experiences and provide a bridge into the Windows Store.

Apart from building great experience on Windows OS, Microsoft is also inviting developers for a limited time preview programs for Android Runtime and iOS.

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