Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM gets Relationship Insight Preview

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called, Relationship Insights, this will allow the users continuously analyze the customer interaction data which has already been stored in the Dynamics 365 Microsoft Exchange Systems. Needless to say, this would eventually help customers to understand their businesses better and also compare their previous successes and thus put the best foot forward.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

The Relationship Insights is made up of the following features that boost the insights and also allow businesses to exercise a greater degree of control over the things. Relationship Insights includes the following features, Relationship assistant, Email engagement and auto capture. All of these features will be available on preview along with the December 2016 update for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Online) and will only be available for North American sited that make use of US English. The sneak peeks of the features can be had on the December 2016 Service Pack for Microsoft Dynamics 365. That said Microsoft might have imposed additional restrictions depending on the version of the Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Exchange that is currently being used.

Also, one needs to understand the fact that Preview feature is not featured but is the preview of the features that would be improvised upon and baked into the final release. This inadvertently means that the features are not production ready and as we said earlier some of the features might be locked. Once the final release is announced Relationship Insights will help salespeople work in a more efficient manner whilst ensuring that their business relations are bolstered. That said, Microsoft will not provide support for the preview features and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technical support will also not be able to help you with your queries.

The Relationship Assistant helps you by automatically showing the right information at the right time. While the email engagement will help users to create more effective emails and also learn about the interaction your recipients will have the contacts.

To learn more about all the new features in details head over to this link.

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