Microsoft and Eclipse Foundation join hands to brings more tools for developers

A recent update from Microsoft mentions that the software giant joined hands with Eclipse Foundation; a community for individuals and organizations that offers open source tools for developers. Microsoft has joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solution Member. Microsoft and Eclipse community together will deliver a vast variety of tools and services for all development teams, which will be related to cloud services and SDKs.

Eclipse Foundation and Microsoft collaboration

The relation of Microsoft and Eclipse Foundation is not new. Microsoft has already delivered a number of Eclipse-based tools. Some of these tools are Azure Toolkit for Eclipse and Java SDK for Azure. These tools enable Eclipse users to build cloud applications. Microsoft also offers free Team Explorer Everywhere plugin. Due to this plugin, developers have access to the full suite of source control, team services, and DevOps capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services from within their IDE. After Microsoft and Eclipse Foundation teamed up, these tools and services will be maintained and shared through the Eclipse Marketplace.

Apart from the aforementioned tools, Microsoft has made an announcement of more tools and services with Eclipse community. These tools and services are specifically offered for Java and Eclipse developers offering them powerful development solutions and services that span platforms. Following are these additional tools:

  • Microsoft has now open sourced the Team Explorer Everywhere Plugin for Eclipse on GitHub. Microsoft’s development team will develop the plugin more together with the Eclipse community.
  • Microsoft is to contribute an Azure IoT Hub Connector to Kura that will allow to easily connect gateways running Kura to Azure IoT Suite.
  • The company is also going to offer Azure Java WebApp support in the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse, which makes it easy to take a Java web app and have it running in Azure within seconds.
  • An updated Azure Java Dev Center will also be offered.
  • Microsoft is hosting Java Tools Challenge, in which Java developers are invited to build apps and extensions for VSTS.

Eclipsecon NA 2016


It is the conference organized by Eclipse Foundation in North America this year. The conference is held between March 7th and 10th, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Reston, outside Washington, D.C. Microsoft is participating in one of its sessions, Keynotes. Microsoft is also holding two more sessions at the Eclipsecon NA 2016. These are;

  • The Internet of Unexpected Things, by Olivier Bloch, Senior Program Manager, Azure IoT
  • Integrating Different IDEs with a Common Set of Developer Services, Dave Staheli, Software Engineering Manager, Visual Studio Team Services

Read the complete story on MSDN blogs.

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