Microsoft Edge Build 14942 gets a bunch of new features

Microsoft has announced the release of Windows 10 Build 14942 for the Fast Ring Insider. The new update picks up a bunch of features and also improvises on the ones already present. The build marks an overall improvement for the web platform.


Microsoft Edge Build 14942

Listed below are the new features for Microsoft Edge:

  • Improved ES6 Modules debugging experience in F12 Developer Tools.
  • Improvements that bring about a better web page performance.
  • Refactored network logic with Fetch algorithms in lieu of Service Worker Fetch interception (behind the flag.)
  • Adding increased support for CSS Custom Properties in the pipeline.
  • Add Support for CSP 2.0
  • Working to Add support for Service Worker (behind a flag.)

The Edge browser has already been subjected to a large number of changes in its previous iterations including the ability to spell check a large number of HTML Elements containing text by improvising on the spellchecker efficiency. Furthermore, Microsoft has also addressed a slew of reliability issues in Insider builds of Microsoft Edge which are expected to improve reliability on sites including Facebook and Outlook. The changes in the web platform will add to the robustness of the Edge while still being able to deliver new features for the users.

Also, in an earlier build, Microsoft has introduced Snooze Tabs, an indigenous feature that lets you set a Cortana reminder on the website you are viewing, all without exiting the browser. The reminder will later show up as a notification in the action centre thus allowing you to open the site in Microsoft Edge almost instantaneously.


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