Microsoft Edge Test Drive web demos go open-source

Microsoft yesterday announced a new Test Drive Site as a part of its new Edge Developer Site. With its all new Microsoft Edge, the company wants to deliver better interoperability across web browsers so that it works well on any platform and any device. Via this Test Drive Site, Microsoft will be providing the feature demos to web developers to demonstrate how to build interoperable code with every new feature added.

Microsoft Edge Developer Site

Microsoft now makes all these feature demos available as open-course on GitHub, so that the developers can get them hands-on to learn more about it. The sole aim of presenting the Test Drive Site is to help developers play around with the new interface and its features and to get hands-on review and endways experience before the official launch of Windows 10 in July 29.


Microsoft Edge Team writes in the official blog, “As we rapidly approach the July 29th release of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, we wanted to get in the spirit of “a break from the past” by launching a new Test Drive as part of the new Microsoft Edge Developer Site”.

Back in 2010, the company launched a similar Test Drive website for its web browser Internet Explorer during IE 9 preview.

The popular demos included in the new Edge Developer Site:

  • CSS3 Filters: Learn the different types of filters and its animation using @keyframes
  • Math APIs: With the new precision API, bypass the limits of number precision in JavaScript.
  • PhotoCapture: Use Media Capture API to select cameras and take pictures with the browser.
  • Microphone: Record, play, save and load streaming audio acquired using Media Capture API. After that apply Web Audio visualizations, effects, and filters to stream data.
  • Music Lounge: Use BabylonJS to create your own composition using Web Audio and touch input.
  • Web Audio tuner: Tuner built using Web Audio API and Media Capture API. Use it to generate a reference tone.
  • @Supports: Test whether certain CSS properties and values are supported

As new features come to the Microsoft Edge, the team assures to add the appropriate demos to the Test Drive Test in near future.

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