Microsoft will support Windows 10 till 2025

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  1. I don’t understand..

    In some other posts here in TheWindowsClub, is mentioned that windows 10
    will be the last operating system by microsoft.
    So, after 10 years, what??
    Microsoft will stop create operating systems?

  2. Not after 10 years…after 2-3 years, or even just after final release of Windows 10 to public, what next?

  3. This is something I was not expecting. Windows 10 has been said to be the last operating system from Microsoft. What could end of support mean? Will they keep extending “extended support” as they do for XP and charge high?
    Or will they get out of operating system? 10 years is a good amount of time coming to technology. By then, PCs will be out of business so mobile operating systems will be selling more. Windows 10 supports mobile and could be used for a longer period. What confuses me is declaration of “end of support” that contradicts with “windows as a service” and “windows is last operating system”. Will Microsoft wait or watch how technology moves or is it phasing out of OS business? This needs more explanation from Microsoft.

  4. be interesting in how apple and Linux will they be still developing operating systems

  5. In 10 years, Windows 10 will be old even with new features added here n there. A decade of this OS & we’ll be screaming for something better so the end of support is nothing to be afraid of. MS will continue to make OS’s and we will continue to use Windows of the future….

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