Microsoft to end support for the older Android app on 31st July

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  1. The new Outlook app is a POS. Whereas the old one worked together with your phone, the new one keeps everything separate. You have to use the Outlook People section if you want to place a call to any of your Outlook contacts, but you can’t SMS because it’s not merged with the Phone’s contacts. Outlook Calendar no longer syncs with other calendars on the phone like it did previously as well.

    I absolutely refuse to use this pile of crap that they’re insisting I update to.

  2. Yes it’s rubbish, I’m going elsewhere. They have brought in a new (bloated) corporate mail app and failed to check whether it actually works for their users.

  3. The last version of Outlook was a bloated memory hog that added nothing new or better to my phone. It was far easier to remove it than consider an update.

  4. Very good, Microsoft team has started sending email to its customers informing about the new Android app. And it also now informs the date about End of Support to its old app.

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