Microsoft explains why Windows 7 Update KB3177467 failed

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  1. In my opinion you are putting under the rug the reason why users ‘skipped update rollups which were not desirable’. And that is one of the main reasons why people stay on win7 in a first place.
    Once upon a time we got both Nagware and Spyware via ‘quality’ updates. The fact that both were made by Microsoft does not change the nature of it. It was coupled with loss of control over update process on win10. (sure, win10, your update is more important then my project, or movie, or game — you name it)
    So people who are against the ‘cumulative updates’ approach are not without reason and it is solely Microsoft fault for never clearly apologizing and stating that such ‘quality updates’ would never appear again.

  2. Amen. I’d add that a quick google search for this particular KB shows many user problems dating back to its first push in 2016.

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