Microsoft expresses its thoughts on U.S election; asks everyone to Move forward together

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Mahit Huilgol has been using Windows on PC and Mobile since long. He has been following Microsoft developments from close quarters and loves writing about it.

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  1. Dan

    It’s an easily shown fact millions of “jobs” indeed have been created from GWB through BHO; problem is, they want too many people holding degrees to do the low-paying work of same…for instance, low pay/high call volume most USA call centers, or GWB reclassifying “food service preparer” as “manufacturing industry labor”…Sanders and Trump weren’t popular here for nothing, nor Hillary’s promise of free college for all! While it’s good MS wants to “go forward together”, here’s to hoping it’s not in finding new ways to make tech “support” vested interest claims, such as MS’ late prediction Clinton would lead with 87% of all voters based on Bing/Big Data “analysis” by Democrat MS employees. Cheers!

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