Microsoft Extends Deadlines for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013

The Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 saw great success. Soon after it Microsoft is back with Imagine Cup 2013 with some exciting challenges held in Russia. Teams that were interested in competing and finishing the challenge quiz requirement were falling short of time. To provide some relief for the participants Microsoft is extending the deadlines.

Imagine Cup

As you may know, Imagine Cup is a series of Microsoft competitions where teams of students from around the world are invited to compete with each other and earn a chance of winning monetary prize. The solutions in the form of software are built by young enthusiastic students for a better world.

Citing holiday reasons as the reason of extension of the deadline, Microsoft said in a blog post,

“We are extending the deadline for your team to pass one of our Imagine Cup Challenge quizzes from January 15 to February 15. So if your team was interested in competing in our Windows 8 App Challenge, Windows Azure Challenge, or Windows Phone Challenge, you’ve got an extra month for at least one member of your team to beat the appropriate quiz.”

The company believes this will give the teams of the students more time to better prepare for the quiz challenges and even allow more teams to participate in the quizzes. Different countries have different school breaks around this time of year so it seems Microsoft wanted to ensure they could get back to school, regroup with their teams, and get organized for the quiz without it falling right after holidays.

For the whole team to be eligible to compete, only one team member needs to pass a quiz and get an entry into the Imagine Cup competition for that particular category (Windows 8 App Challenge, Windows Azure, etc).

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