Microsoft under fire after taking part in U.S. Presidential campaign

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  1. This is nothing new corporate America is running the world, the illuminati is alive & well, welcome to new world order, Corporate America is trying to get their foot in the door in New Zealand, via the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) & want to be able to dictate our laws.

  2. Like I have always said, Microsoft is a shady, questionable company. Just like Apple and Google (the three are the technology the “Axis of Evil”), they have helped advance technology, yet they conduct themselves in an unethical way (i.e. exploitation of YOUR personal privacy). When you think about it, there is not a single US corporation that cares about their employees, the general populous, your privacy, or the environment (remember the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal?). The motive is shareholder value and they will stop at nothing to protect that. Microsoft is no different; they are another shining example of American greed. So the next time you someone temps you to leave your country and move to America for work, consider how bad these companies really are and respectfully decline.

  3. I think what Senator Sanders worries of is a vision of most Americans being so far gone over to the power of mere suggestion, by perceived “authority” of any nature including “disinterested”, “good”, “bad”, that they will simply fall to their knees before such oracles then in zombie-like cadence march into polling places to “vote like everyone else is going to do, like The Master said”. That is, some see pundits only as BF Skinner, election trackers like food-giving levers, and the rest of us Skinner’s rats that simply push the foreordained levers.

    Perhaps, if at all, the power of Microsoft (and others’) suggestion played out differently; Sunday night, doing my daily Bing searches, Bing said that even though not at the last debate Trump was going to be the runaway winner of Iowa, as was Clinton in her party; suppose here MS-type “interloping” convinced Sanders supporters to show up no matter the obstacle, and Trump supporters to say “meh, it’s freezin’ outside, he’s a shoe-in, I can stay warm at home”…in Iowa, the Democrats are thus presented a nationally lesser-known prospective GOP candidate with Clinton and Sanders much more recognized and by margins much more important to voters, “thanks to Microsoft”.

    That’s why I think it’s always best to rather than carp about media and pundits, know, research, or question candidates and issues, and for any you support or oppose vote your own mind no matter what you do or don’t hear, letting the ballot box at the end of the day be the one, only, and absolute “election authority”. Cheers!

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