Microsoft First League Program for Microsoft fans launched

A new fan program for Microsoft enthusiasts has surfaced. Microsoft has been working on a program called First League. This is a program for Microsoft fans who love the brand. If you’re a person with a lot of love for Redmond giant’s products and services, you can apply for the program and opt-in for an exclusive bouquet of benefits that will be offered to you if you’re selected.
Microsoft First League Program

Microsoft First League Program

We all know about Windows Insider Program where Microsoft has reached out to general Windows users and used their inputs for making Windows 10 great. First League seems to be a program which spans over all of the Company’s products and services rather than just Windows.

We are looking for the fan of fans. People who live and love our brand. People who move the world. People like you. All you have to do is apply to join – and we will reach out to you individually and review your application with you. If selected, you will soon enjoy exclusive advantages and privileges: as a member of Microsoft’s First League, says Microsoft.

Here are some exciting and appealing privileges you can enjoy if you’re selected for the program:

  1. Direct Connection: It is a fan program created for you. It’s managed by Microsoft employees. You will have first-hand information regarding latest product news and exclusive Skype Calls with our Microsoft team.
  2. Free Software: You will get a free Office 365 license.
  3. Exclusive events: You will be invited to join exclusive fan event throughout the year, previewing all the latest Microsoft products and technologies.
  4. Exclusive Device Preview and Testing: You will be amongst the first to test and review the latest Windows devices, including high-end PCs from Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft.
  5. Publicity + Status: Microsoft will share your opinion and stories with other Microsoft fans. That’s why you will receive our official Facebook badge, showing everyone that you belong to Microsoft’s First League.
  6. Professional Profit: You will be able to accelerate your career in IT or directly at Microsoft.

You can apply for the program by registering on the program’s official site – However, it does seem that the website is not complete yet. Some parts of the website still display the ‘Lorem ipsum‘ text! Quite surprising is the fact that a very limited list of countries – like Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, etc. –  are available while filling up the form. So check if the program is available for your country. The domain, however, does belong to Microsoft.

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