Microsoft Flight Released

Some time ago, via a tweet Microsoft mentioned it would soon release its flying stimulation game – Microsoft Flight. The company promised the game would even use a freemium model once it was released.

Needless to say, the news created a lot of buzz and after days of restless waiting it is finally out. Microsoft Flight is a game packed with exciting missions, challenges that test your skills, and hidden Aerocaches that give you yet another reason to explore.

The game is great for new players as it features all the essential teachings in the form of useful tutorials. These in-depth tutorials include instructions on everything you need to know about flying.

The game is played best with a Microsoft Live account. Why? Your Microsoft Live account opens up more options, and offers you the choice of buying more content with Microsoft points.

The basic version is free so it means the initial download will be at no charge.Though free, it will give you the opportunity to explore the skies over the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.

The choice does not end here. If you want to buy extras or additional elements of the game as downloadable content you will have to pay some amount for it. These include,

  1. Hawaiian adventure pack – 19.99$
  2. Planes like, P-51 Mustang – 7.99$ and Maule – 14.99$

Prior to its release, the game was in beta for quite some time and was tested thoroughly during this period by the software company but now its online and ready for you to grab. So don’t wait, download the game (1.43 GB) today and experience the thrill and wonder of flight with Microsoft Flight.

The game is listed along with couple of add-ons at the Xbox Marketplace website. You can play it comfortably on your Windows PC.

To know more about the game visit here. Go here to download and play the game free.

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