Microsoft focusing a lot on Android after launching app directory

When it comes down to Android, Microsoft is very serious about the platform. One could say the company seems more serious about Android than its own Windows 10 Mobile platform.

To prove how serious the software giant has become, the company created its own little app store for all its Android apps. It’s an app within itself, and it is called Microsoft Apps. It can be found in the Google Play Store, and it is the probably the best place to find all things that are Microsoft for Android.

Microsoft Apps

The app is very simple to understand and use. Just download it from the Google Play Store, install on your Android device, launch, then browse for your favorite Microsoft apps. There’s no secret sauce here, no special feature or anything that is trying to make users more social on the web.

Microsoft Apps is just a straightforward app directory, so do not go in expecting the world and then some.

Going this route has no doubt proven to us how far Microsoft is willing to go when it comes down to Android, and also, it shows how committed the company is to the platform.

Here’s the thing, though, there’s no need to download this app since all Microsoft apps can be found should the user searches throughout the Android app store find out.

At the end of the day, this move by Microsoft could be helpful for those who are not interested in going to Google Play to get their Microsoft app fix.

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  1. Its really great.. I like it..!!

  2. LowIQ_Human

    or you can just type ‘Microsoft’ in the Search field to get all things Microsoft?
    Why do you need an app specifically for just that?.. seems redundant.

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