Microsoft, Google sued by Louisiana Firm Transcenic over Mapping Technology

Microsoft and Google, both have been sued by a Louisina based firm Transcenic over the violation of the company’s patent covering the mapping technology which allows a user to see locations in 3D .

Both Microsoft and Google have been accused by the company over the misappropriation of the technology that helps capture 3-D images of map locations. Transcenic in its law suit alleges that misuse of its mapping technology “has injured Transcenic and Transcenic is entitled to recover damages adequate to compensate for such infringement”

Transcenic argues computer programs such as Google’s Street View and Microsoft’s Streetside allow users to see 3-D images of their destination rather than the traditional birds-eye view of a map grid.

Google’s Street View system also has become a target for lawsuits alleging the company is violating residents’ privacy rights by collecting data from individual Wi-Fi networks. Both Google and Microsoft have placed “infringing systems into action or service” and obtain “beneficial use” of those systems, lawyers for Transcenic said in the suit.

Both Microsoft and Google have not commented yet as they both are waiting to receive their copies.

…But you can see the lawsuit summary of Transcenic Inc. v. Google Inc. et al, here.

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