Microsoft highlights Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app updates

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  1. Here’s a CRAZY idea–how about somethng PRACTICAL, like giving users the ability to turn the reading pane HORIZONTAL, like most NORMAL email apps? These updates are cosmetic, at best, and at worst, completely USELESS.

  2. Thanks, Steve! Sorry for all the caps (I know caps in message board posts is considered shouting), but I just used them for emphasis. I mean, I’d probably use Windows 10’s built-in email app if not for the vertical reading pane. EVERY other email app I’ve ever used (from Outlook Express, to Outlook, to Windows Live Mail, to Mailbird) has the option to set how your reading pane should display–vertically, or horizontally–so why should this one be any different.

  3. It was my understanding, based on your blog, that I could now change the colour of the Calendar app without altering my Mail app. Apparently this is incorrect

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