Microsoft India announces largest Windows 8 App Fest; aims for Guinness World Record

Microsoft India invites developers to the world’s largest App Fest for Windows 8 to be held at Bengaluru, India on Sept 21-22, 2012. It is ‘an opportunity for developers to develop Apps with global mentoring and technical resources at hand to drive the biggest digital innovation marathon in history’.

During this 18-hour non-stop coding jam, participants will go through all the app development phases (design, build and test) in order to churn out a fully developed Windows 8 app with ample support from special Microsoft mentors and technical engineers present on site.

According to Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman – Microsoft India, “The AppFest will be a memorable and unique opportunity to mingle with Microsoft engineers, programming specialists, trainers, and industry-recognized app developers to drive innovation globally. We at Microsoft are creating an environment and platform that offers the biggest opportunity in history for developers to seize and lead innovation by building successful applications on Windows platform.”

Developers at the Windows 8 App Fest can create apps under more than 20 categories like food, finance productivity, books, social, photo, music and video and shopping. To speed up the development process and to ensure that the just-developed apps are market-ready, members of the on-site support will be busy giving out tips and useful advice about its design, perform quality checks, ensure it is technically sound and binge on multiple cans of energy drinks (18 hours non-stop!). To make sure that everybody starts on the same page, Windows 8 RTM version will be made available for all participants who can also work in groups of four people each.

Also, the Windows 8 App Fest will be an official attempt by Microsoft India to win the Guinness World Record for the maximum number of developers assembled at one place at a time. If successful, this event will go down in the annals of history as the largest coding marathon ever!

India has always been special when it comes to Windows 8 with the first ever Windows 8 camp in the world being held here (Hyderabad) with many to follow. Hope it proves to be even lucky for Microsoft as they head towards a world record. Be there on Sept 21-22, Bengaluru, India to be a part of a Guinness World Record and take home your personal world record certificate!

Register for the Windows 8 App fest here.

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  1. Xyico

    It’ll be a hit, because Dev’s with touch screens/tablets/windows phones or have interest in those will be very happy to join. But MS cannot judge from this fest, that people are welcoming Windows 8. Actually People hate Windows 8 on PC & Notebooks. They want MS to limit Windows 8 with Smartphones & Tablets Only!

  2. gyron

    Hope they make loads of medical apps….really need some good ones at the windows market place

  3. Sujay

    I am Gonna Join , Lets Develop Something New Something Better . Together !

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