Microsoft India celebrates Azure 1-year anniversary with new subscription options

Microsoft Azure has been available in India for a year now, and the company has decided to celebrate this achievement with some new additions to the service. Bear in mind that Office 365 for Business was also made available in the country a year ago. The celebration plan is nothing out of this world, just a move that should give Indian customers who use Azure more options to take advantage of the service. What Microsoft is offering here is new subscription options, which is not a bad thing.


Here’s what the company had to say via its blog:

We have enabled Indian customers to access Azure’s India regions via credit card (direct online subscriptions). This allows customers to leverage the full power of our hyperscale offering on demand. Additionally, we have enabled Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscriptions to access India regions. Our CSP partners around the world deliver high value services on top of Azure, with fully integrated customer support and billing.

This should increase the number of Indians using Azure now that more subscription options are available. It’s a good move by Microsoft, as several markets already have these options, so bringing them to one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now can only mean for good things in the future.

Azure is Microsoft’s popular cloud service that has been gaining a lot of relevance in recent years. Many small and big business around the world use Azure on a daily basis, and that’s something Microsoft wants to see grow to significant numbers.

With Google and Amazon on the prowl, this vision will prove difficult.

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