Microsoft India MD quits to lead Google India

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  1. You know what? There’s a LIMIT to initialization and shortening things. Not everything can be shortened or initialized. Some things just have to be either spelled-out or an alternative shortening method must be found.

    My concern is the headline: “Microsoft India MD quits to lead Google India”

    “MD” is short for “Medical Doctor,” and nothing else. This is journalism 101 at any undergraduate college or university in America. Every copy editor at every newspaper knows NEVER to shorten (or, more specifically, initialize) “Managing Director” as “MD.” It’s just not done. That initialization is spoken for… taken. “Managing Director” doesn’t get to use it.

    I don’t care if arrogant corporate America has misappropriated it and has been wrongly using it in everyday conversation or memos or emails. Doesn’t matter. The two-letter combination “MD” is taken; and HAS been for generations… longer, even than that, actually.

    There’s a crazy notion in this country, I’ve noticed, that “Internet” journalism is somehow different from more traditional print journalism. It’s not; and all that stupid notion has done is dumb-down America. This web site purports to write articles… to report the news… to be journalists.

    If so, the bother to at least read a book on how it’s done. Bother to standardize on a style manual and actually adhere to it. If you had, you’d know that “MD” is “Medical Doctor,” and nothing else gets to use that initialization. Nothing. No matter HOW many people are wrongly so doing.

    All this article’s headline did was mislead people today. Is THAT why this site started operating? To mislead people?

    First, do no harm.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. @ Gregg DesElms: What you have said is Nonsense. If i want to argue with you, just answer this simple Q. “Why there are two abbreviations for ‘ISI’ in India?(One is ISI mark for products and another ISI as Terrorist Group)”

    You can’t Answer. The answer for you is “Abbreviations are man-made and so anyone can make it. The main use of it is for remembrance and easy usage. Same abbreviations can have differ Full Form.”

  3. @ Rajan Anandan: He is a Cheat! He is not Loyal to his work. Even though working as MD in a Great Company like Microsoft, he had gone to Google(Microsoft challenger) is for money, he is not concerned with his service to the company and the technology. He is money oriented selfish Guy. I think Google had told him to work as SPY in Microsoft! He must be ashamed of himself!

    Microsoft must take severe action legally if he leaks out information/data.

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