Microsoft Instant Answers on Edge Browser will help you get information you need quickly

Microsoft has been adding new features and improvisations to the Edge browser and one such feature is Instant Answers. The feature will allow users to get the information they desire right at the address bar without having to open any website and sifting through pages. A feature like this is especially useful whenever you are searching for small bits of information like the “Longest river in the world” or who won the “Oscars in 2016.”

edge instant answers


Microsoft Instant Answers on Edge browser

Well, you can get thousands of answers by punching in the stuff you need right at the address bar and this includes information related to reports, measurements, sports, weather, flight details, geography, arts and more.

While some might argue that this is similar to Google autofill, it isn’t. In Google what happens is that it just guesses your search query whereas ultimately you need to at least open the search page for the result, but on Edge, the result is directly displayed on the address bar.

I tried a few things like “50 grams =lbs” in order to convert directly and also tried punching in Weather to get the results based on my current location. Also if you are a Chelsea fan simply tap “Chelsea” in order to get the scores or the details with regards to the next game along with the schedule. The best part is that you can also type in the flight number and you can get the status updates.

This feature is very handy if you need some information on a real-time basis it so happens that we get lost in thousands of websites without actually getting the access to the information we need. Also, the source of information seems to be properly vetted thus its very unlikely that you will get misinformed with fake news or unreliable sources.

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