Microsoft and Intel working together to improve Edge’s performance

Microsoft is working hard on its new browser, Edge, formally known as Project Spartan. The company is doing everything to make sure Edge performs well, even if it means working closely with Intel, the giant chipmaker.

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We understand that both companies have come together in hopes to get Edge up and running smoothly. Intel aims to bring its computer processor expertise to the table in a bid to have Edge using less battery power and to perform quickly. We suspect these gains will only be possible on Intel hardware, which is quite a loss for AMD users.

Both companies previously collaborated on a JavaScript engine for Internet Explorer, called Chakra. This engine first came into play during the time of Windows 8.1 and was designed to improve performance and reduce code size. While we can’t say much of anything about the code size, we can say that Internet Explorer has gotten faster due to Chakra.

If Intel can work its magic here, then we have no doubt that users will experience blazing performance with Edge and increased battery life.

The browser is the most used aspect of any computer, hence why it needs to consume less power while still being a powerful productivity tool.

“As a part of broader collaboration between Intel and Microsoft on Windows 10, Intel engineers are collaborating with us closely to implement [single instruction, multiple data (SIMD)], a future ECMAScript proposal, in Chakra and Microsoft Edge,” said Intel and Microsoft in a blog post.

SIMD exploits data level parallelism by utilizing specific SIMD hardware instructions, which are supported in most of the modern chipsets regardless of the architecture types,” stated the group.

“The SIMD instruction set enables performing the same operation on multiple values simultaneously, thus providing much faster code execution when working on data vectors.”

For the time being, SIMD only works under special conditions in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Everything should come full-circle by the time the browser releases before the end of 2015.

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  1. Henry Casson

    Why boast about reduced battery life?

  2. Hadrian Embalsado

    Reminds me of people who use Chrome on a Mac.

  3. Vamien

    I think it should be increased battery life. Will have it changed.

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