Microsoft Internet Games support for Windows 7, XP, ME is ending

For many, today is a sad day, a red day, a day that will never be forgotten for decades to come. OK, we’re just playing around here because we doubt many computer users will care about what happens today unless they have nothing else to preoccupy their time. So here’s the thing, Microsoft Internet Games on Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows 7, is coming to an end very soon. This means, the service will no longer be active once the deadline comes around, and for some, that’s right around the corner, while for others, that deadline will show its ugly head in 2020.

Microsoft Internet Games

Microsoft Internet Games support ending

If you’re a Windows XP and Windows ME user, then the Microsoft Internet Games service will cease to exist come July 31, 2019. That’s less than three weeks away, so get your game on before the clock strikes 12. Furthermore, it’s in your best interest to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

As for those still running Windows 7, the Microsoft Internet Games services is scheduled to go the way of the dinosaurs come January 22, 2020. That’s approximately six months away, therefore, users have a lot of time to find replacements, if any.

Unfortunately, the software giant does not have a similar service on Windows 10, which means, the following games will go away for good unless the company creates modern renditions.

  • Internet Backgammon (XP/ME, 7)
  • Internet Checkers (XP/ME, 7)
  • Internet Spades (XP/ME, 7)
  • Internet Hearts (XP/ME)
  • Internet Reversi (XP/ME)
  • MSN Go (7)

For now, let’s just sit back and hope for the best where these classic and iconic Windows video game are concerned.

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