Microsoft introduces Xbox One, the next generation gaming console

After building up huge social media frenzy about the next generation Xbox gaming console, Microsoft finally unveiled the wraps, revealing the all new Xbox One gaming console during a special press event held at its Redmond headquarters today.

Xbox One

Xbox One is powered by an eight-core CPU and 8GB of RAM featuring a 500GB hard drive, a Blu-ray drive and built-in 802.11n WiFi. Users can interact with the device using the all-new physical controller, the next generation Kinect motion sensor and through SmartGlass technology. Saying out loud ‘Xbox On’ will switch on Xbox One which also features Instant Switching thus allowing users to instantly swap between multiple games being played simultaneously or simply position a snap of separate programs on different sides of the screen.

Xbox One combines Microsoft’s Xbox operating system with the kernel of Windows allowing for a complete experience in games, entertainment and other applications. The gaming console (64-bit architecture) comes with in-built Skype and a much more powerful Kinect sensor device, called as Kinect 2 which sports a 1080 wider field of view for a rich and fluid Xbox experience. The new physical controller has dynamic impulse triggers while the Kinect automatically recognizes the user as he/she picks up the controller and setting them up in to the latest saved game instantly.

Microsoft also announced various sport games to be coming to Xbox One later this year including NFL, FIFA, NBA LIVE, UFC and Forza Motorsport 5. Microsoft Studios also plans to release more than 15 exclusive games in the 1st year of Xbox One – half of which will be brand new franchises. The surprise announcement was however of the Halo Live action TV Series to be directed by Steven Spielberg. Wow!

The new Xbox One powered by Kinect sensor can easily understand voice commands and physical gestures. The camera of the next-generation Kinect is now capable of 1080p motion capture and tracks more joints to provide more accurate information. In similar news, the console can now read a user’s heartbeat. Wait, what?!

Xbox One will be launched “around the world later this year,” Xbox chief Don Mattrick said, not revealing a proper release date or price details.

Microsoft seems to have won this round against Sony in the battle for the best next generation gaming console with the awesome Xbox One gaming console. You think so too?

Xbox One will however, not support backward compatibility, i.e. Xbox 360 game disks will not work on Xbox One. But this was always in the coming as with better and improved resolution and changes in hardware specifications, it’s obvious that earlier games may just not work in the new system.

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