Microsoft Intune to utilize TeamViewer for Remote Assistance

The Easy Assist Capability of Microsoft Intunee will now reportedly be replaced by TeamViewer. With an aim to provide a remote assistance to the Windows PC users, TeamViewer had announced its integration with Microsoft Intune device management solution. This new integrated tool will work on any computer having the Microsoft Intune installed.teamviewer replaces Microsoft Intune

Microsoft’s own remote assistance solution, Easy Assist Capability reportedly had some problems and this interoperation will let the IT personnel to connect and control the end users’ computer and solve the issues if any. Please note that Microsoft Intune is a user-based subscription service and using this new TeamViewer interoperation requires a license.

Announcing this strategic partnership in TeamViewer’s June 8 press release, Alfredo Patron, Vice President of Business Development for TeamViewer said, “Microsoft is a global leader that empowers people and organizations to achieve more, this makes a great fit for TeamViewer to establish a strategic partnership as we have common values. He further added, “The interoperation we are announcing today with Microsoft Intune will use TeamViewer’s technologies to enable companies of all sizes with a scalable and secure online support solution to always keep their devices running and reduce costs.”

Companies and organizations so far had been using Microsoft Intune as their desktop and mobile device management tool. It is basically a cloud-based tool which helps companies to maximize their productivity by providing their employees an easy access to the corporate data and resources while ensuring that only complaint and managed devices are able to access the confidential corporate files and emails. The tool formerly known as Windows Intune supports Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS platforms too.

While there is no official announcement made by Microsoft yet, it’s strange to see that TeamViewer’s June 8 press release is now not available. The original announcement appears to have been deleted, but you can see its cached page.

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