Microsoft allegedly installing Windows 10 without users consent

Mahit Huilgol has been using Windows on PC and Mobile since long. He has been following Microsoft developments from close quarters and loves writing about it.


  1. Robert King

    microsoft self destruction

  2. Windows 'Aero'-smith

    Checking the pic… Dude looks like a lady

  3. kamlesh pd

    Microsoft is creating anarchy by forced up gradation. Pro window10 punters are misleading the customers by declaring. window10 superior to Window 7.MS by creating anarchy is also preparing Waterloo, watch the grand finale.

  4. Foghat

    He’s just a fool for the city.

  5. Pat Somas

    I agree. Use Linux… you are better off in the long run.

  6. ILDM

    Microsoft is no longer relevant. Office is a big piece of bloated junk, Windows 10 is spyware, and their server products are unreliable and buggy. You now have an idiot CEO that should be tried for war crimes, then permanently deported. ILDM.

  7. Nathan

    Actually you should be grateful to these people. Thanks to them your economy is still afloat and your can sip your Pepsi in comfort.
    I think I have seen your comments elsewhere. Btw does ILDM mean Indian Lives Don’t Matter? If that is the case, would you consider your comment racist?

  8. Ian Collins

    Hang on there a mo’ Pat, just what are you agreeing with? MS are creating anarchy? Really? Maybe it’s that they are preparing Waterloo? Just what does that mean? I’ve often considered Linux, but are there any decent video editing programs available that are compatible with Linux?

  9. Meecrob

    NDM – Nathan don’t matter.

  10. Gilgamesh

    Mahit is feeling Fabulous!

  11. Nathan from Bagalore

    Nathan is from Microsoft Customer Support in Bangalore. So he asks; “Did I provide you with excellent customer service?” Of course, the answer is no because nobody can understand a word he says.

  12. Smellah

    He feels pretty, oh so pretty…

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