Microsoft jumps on the carbon pricing bandwagon

Alternative energy is the way the future is shaping up, and all the big companies, including Microsoft, are venturing down this path faster than ever. The company is even considering the price of carbon whenever it is time to calculate losses and profits each quarter.

There are several business units within Microsoft, and according to the latest report, each is charged an internal tax based on their energy usage each quarter. This money is then thrown into a common fund that is used for researching projects to sustain the environment.


The program is called carbon pricing, and it has so far garnered a lot of followers. Back in 2014, only 150 companies calculated an internal price on carbon but fast forward into 2015, and we realize that 437 companies are part of the program.

This is all in an effort to combat climate change as the issue begins to transform into a real threat.

Businesses know that failure to help in this department could lead to the end of making billions of dollars each year. If climate change conditions worsen without interference, then there would be no room for businesses to grow or to even survive.

We understand that Microsoft has gone further than most companies in the world. The company has reduced its carbon emission by 7.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in the last 3-years and has also managed to save $10 million in condensed energy consumption.

“When we started talking about carbon emissions not in metric tons, but in terms of dollar amount, the business people could understand it,” according to Tamara DiCaprio, senior director of environmental sustainability at Microsoft. “We’re all speaking the same language now: What is the cost to my group?”

We hope to see the company continue down this road of until most of its businesses are powered by clean and alternative energy.

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