Microsoft to launch its own Windows 8 tablet … WinTAB ?

There are reports floating arount that Microsoft may be on the verge of announcing a self-manufactured Windows 8 based tablet, at an event on June 18th, 3.30 PM in Los Angeles.

According to TheWrap, Microsoft’s new tablet will run on Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 that uses an ARM microprocessor.

Introducing a Microsoft-manufactured will mark the software giants foray into a new hardware category wich will be in direct competion with Apple’s iPad.

Microsoft has already created a billion dollar market with the Xbox … but had dropped its Courier tablet project …  so it will not be surprising if Microsoft actually introduces its own-manufactured Windows 8 tablet. In fact launching a “WinTAB” might actually be a great idea!

But then I guess we will have to wait for a couple of days to see what the announcement is actually about.

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  1. kyleburns

    Microsoft has such mixed results in the hardware market that I have to wonder how successful this would be. On one hand Microsoft has been successful with the XBox as a platform, but on the other hand look at what happened with Zune. Microsoft probably could produce a very well priced tablet that would be all but guaranteed to work well with WinRT, but that would also place them as a direct competitor to the customers that form the distribution channel for their operating system.

  2. Maybe this is their long term plan with the release of the Windows 8(which is for tablets really);would explain alot.
    Would be surprised if they didn’t go for a hardware windows if it’s self built… on an eprom.Imagine how fast would boot up then!

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