Microsoft launches Azure Marketplace

Microsoft today launched more than three thousand services and products in Azure Marketplace which may help users to enhance the productivity and performance. To be precise, the new and revamped Azure Marketplace is an online store for thousands of products and services including Virtual Machines, certified community software applications, API applications, add-ons and Azure active directory applications configured on Microsoft Azure.

azure marketplace

Azure Marketplace

This newly added services to the marketplace allows users to put their virtual machines directly to the Azure Marketplace and present it to the global Azure customer base. Presenting the machines via Microsoft Azure Certified program will add value to their products.

The new Azure Marketplace gives you solutions to build and manage your applications. Put your applications to the Azure active directory and helps your customers to access your apps along with the online services of Microsoft like Office 365 and Microsoft SaaS applications.

Users can now integrate with the Azure websites and share it with millions of global Azure users. This will help users to explore and deploy your web applications. Putting your applications here will help the customers to connect their applications to your products.

Lee Soft from Microsoft UK Faculty Connection writes in his blog post,

“You can simply search and deploy thousands of solutions to simplify the development and management of applications on Azure from Linux virtual machines to data services”.

Simply put, the new offering announced today can help users spinning their applications using the Microsoft’s cloud resources.

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  1. Arun Kumar

    I bet it is much better than Windows marketplace. I always search for a racing game when I am free. Must have installed and uninstalled some five games. All of them are like, they can’t render scenes or are too sensitive to controls. I wish I could get a good racing game for my Windows 8.1. Sometimes I need a “push” to get started on work.

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