Microsoft launches Meet Your Match – A new Windows Phone Challenge series

Before packing his bags for CNET 2012, Ben Rudolph aka Ben The PC Guy, a Windows Phone evangelist at Microsoft started tweeting with the #smokedywindowsphone hashtag, surprising many while others stood there and scratched their heads. This turned out to be the beginning of an interesting and unique marketing campaign by the Windows Phone team where Ben and his team used to challenge passerbys/attendees for a speed test with a Windows Phone pitted against a rival competitor smartphone. This campaign was a huge success with more than 250,000 challenges being conducted in 54 companies garnering more than 70 million views.

Taking this forward, Ben – the evangelist who always has something interesting up his sleeves, along with his team have launched Meet Your Match, a broad take on the earlier Smoked By Windows Phone challenges. Meet Your App focuses on ‘why Windows Phone devices and their features are a better match for the user, no matter who he/she is or are into’.

“To kick things off we’ve put together a new YouTube video series. Each shows real people putting their smartphone – and more importantly, their idea of what a smartphone can do – to the test against Windows Phone.” – Ben The PC Guy

Meet Your Match will find its presence globally with multiple events being organized in malls and Microsoft Stores all over the US, as well as in the UK, France and Germany. Users interested in knowing more about how a Windows Phone device is their best match can participate in the challenge and who knows? They might win something awesome when they stop by!

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