Microsoft launches its NoSQL Azure Database – DocumentDB

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is now out of preview and is generally available. DocumentDB is a NoSQL document database service that permits applications to query and process JSON data at scale.


NoSQL Azure Database – DocumentDB launched

DocumentDB which is a NoSQL Azure Database is now available for purchase and is available in 3 variants:

  • Reserved performance
  • Hourly billing
  • 99.95% availability

Along with DocumentDB, Microsoft is also releasing a new open source data migration tool that helps the interested party to move their data from existing database systems to No-SQL based DocumentDB.

The increasing demand on  “Mobile first, Cloud first” application development gave raise to DocumentDB. Developers across the globe are choosing NoSQL over traditional database because of the ease and simplicity which it offers. However when the application which is developed has to scale – running and managing the NoSQL databases can be costly as well as complicated. The advantage of choosing DocumentDB is it  acts as a fully managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) providing high availability. Features like integrated SQL query with indexed JSON and multi-document transaction processing comes built-in with DocumentDB.

The DocumentDB service was in preview mode since last year. Microsoft’s Azure team has been providing very focussed, reliable and scalable services to its customers.

One of their customers, SGS International who manages an application called InkLab said,

InkLab is highly responsive because DocumentDB provides faster access to data … We also used it to avoid design compromises that we would have had with a structured-data solution.

DocumentDB provides variety of SDKs that includes support for different platforms and programming frameworks like .Net, Node, Java and Python. One can experience the live working DocumentDB by visiting free query playground reported Azure blog.

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