Microsoft launches new Windows 7 ‘Toon My family’ contest

Who are the Tom & Jerry of your family? Identify them and then go participate in Microsoft India’s new ‘Toon My family’ contest and win attractive prizes every week!

What’s it about Grandpa Max that reminds you of your dad? Why does Dexter resemble your brother? All you need to do is register and tell your story through a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation or an essay written on Microsoft Office Word document. After this submit a video edited with Windows Movie Maker.

To take part in this contest, you will have to first you will have to register and type your details to enter the contest.

Having done that, you need to tell us which Cartoon Network characters do your family members remind you of.

Next, make a Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation or put it down on Microsoft Office Word document

Finally capture your crazy family moments on camera and make a 30 seconds video of your family on Windows Movie Maker.

Prizes include a free family trip to Malaysia, an opportunity to get featured on cartoon Network, HP laptops, HP 610 Touch Screen PC, HP Omni desktop, and plenty of HP accessories.

The contest is open to all above the age of 8 under parental guidance and consent, will run from  1st December 2011  to 5th  January  2012 and is valid for India only.

Head over to the contest page to check out the details.

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