Microsoft introduces Microsoft Learn

Microsoft is making a number of great announcements at the Microsoft Ignite event that is going on currently in Orlando. One of the announcements here was the availability of Microsoft Learn for the public. In 2016, Microsoft launched to bring in together the documentation for all Microsoft technologies. But documentation is just like cake but to put up frosting on that, they have announced Microsoft Learn.

microsoft learn

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn comes with more than 80 hours of learning content. This content revolves around technologies like Azure, Dynamics, and Power BI. It can help you in adapting these technologies for your projects, or even your certification exams’ preparations.

Microsoft is aware of the pace at which the technologies made by Microsoft are evolving further and wants to help the aspirants to learn these technologies like Azure even easier and faster.

“We built Microsoft Learn so that you could have one stop for self-paced, guided learning on all of our platform products and services,” said Jeff Sandquist, General Manager, Developer Relations for Cloud + AI Division.

Some of the highlighting features of this platform are,

  • All content is organized by a learning path, giving you an end-to-end view of a technology area and ensuring that you build a comprehensive skill set.
  • Learning paths consist of step-by-step tutorials with interactive coding environments that provide free fixed-time access to Azure resources – without requiring a credit card.
  • As you use Microsoft Learn, you can track progress, check knowledge, and validate deployments to earn points, levels, achievements, and trophies.

Microsoft aims to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. And with this new platform, they are going to empower many developers, architects, learners, etc. to do more.

You can learn more about Microsoft Learn here.

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