Microsoft launches Linkedin Lite for Indian audience

Linkedin, one of the world’s biggest professional social media portals, just launched a ‘Lite’ version of their website for mobile browsing, especially targeted at the Indian market.


Linkedin Lite for India

Microsoft announced on Monday that this new launch was to ease users in browsing Linkedin faster when on slower or remote internet connectivity. India is slated to have one of the highest number of internet users in the world by the turn of this decade, and Microsoft wants to put resources in play between the action.

Akshay Kothari, country manager for Linkedin India, said that, their new product – ‘LinkedIn Lite’ loads about four times faster than the normal version and also provides a better experience to people in rural and urban areas with patchy network connectivity.

Linkedin Lite will be rolled out to users within the next few weeks. To expand their audience in Indian tier-II and tier-III cities, big social networks like Facebook and Twitter have also experimented with ‘Lite’ versions of their websites.

Apart from this announcement, Linkedin also launched two new products – Linkedin Placements – that helps freshers and students get internships and jobs, and Linkedin Starter Pack – which is an initial guide for industry entrants as well as startup managers to help improve their network among professionals.

Linkedin has previously been known to have had customer complaints and issues regarding their mobile app and website experience. Removing the majority of obstacles and bugs, the company recently upgraded their apps across platforms.

Microsoft, in June 2016, announced that it would be taking over control of Linkedin for a total price (stock and cash) of $26.2 billion. This is one of the biggest deals in social network history, beating the Facebook-Whatsapp takeover of $19 billion in 2013. The complete transition to Microsoft will take around a year to be completed for Linkedin.

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