Microsoft Local Impact Map launched.

Microsoft has recently launched a new Silverlight based map : The Local Impact Map. The map lets you explore in detail the positive impact of the local programs & promotions supported by Microsoft around the world.

Use of Deep Zoom allows the user to zoom into any part of the world. Clicking on the area lets you see what impact Microsoft has had in that area. Use the map to explorer places, programs and stories worldwide.

microsoft local impact map

Stimulant has used Microsoft’s own technologies, viz. Silverlight and Deep Zoom, to create the map whose look and behavior keeps the focus on what matters most: the positive impact throughout the world made by the corporate citizenship and responsibility programs at Microsoft.

Working closely with representatives from Microsoft’s Corporate Affairs, Citizenship, Branding, Environment, and Research groups, the Local Impact Map evolved out of a need to have a central, public showcase for stories – text, video, and images – that communicated the broad reach of Microsoft’s programs.

They also implemented a feature called “snapshots,” which allows users to “bookmark” any state of the application, so that the content can be sequenced and used as a presentation tool.

Visit Microsoft Local Impact Map.

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