Microsoft needs to improve on Customer Loyalty, according to Survey Monkey Poll

It is yet to be known if Microsoft Corporation will feel any impact from a recent SurveyMonkey poll. While the consumer service poll does hold itself as independent research, the numbers do have to be taken with pinch-of-salt claim experts. However, the bottom line is that consumers have spoken, rather frankly, on the level of loyalty they hold towards one of the oldest of the blue chip technology giant Microsoft Corporation products and services.


On the contrary, it was observed that non-traditional technology companies such as Samsung Electronics were rated a substantial favorite in the customer satisfaction category. In fact, the South Korean company appeared to have walked away as the most popular in this category, beating the iconic Apple Inc too.

Microsoft Corporation had little to show in terms of customer satisfaction. This could be cause of worry, opine analysts. Samsung Electronics scored a substantial 35 in terms of customer loyalty as against Apple Inc’s 28. The industry benchmark for this factor was 19.

However, Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics were able to score ahead of Microsoft Corporation in the customer service category. Apple Inc had a very high score of 41 in this category, way ahead of closest player, Samsung with 25 on the customer service satisfaction. However, all three of the players remained far away from the industry standard of 75 % on customer service satisfaction category.

Microsoft Corporation’s lack of high scores in the SurveyMonkey poll is demonstrative of the lack of customer-centric services and products. As the giant software company continues to find its way in the newer technologies that have come to dominate, this could well be its transition period.

There are marked changes happening in the past few quarters at the company, in complete contrast to policies the giant pursued a few years ago. The positive pro-active stance by the top-executives at Microsoft Corporation is all set to redefine the company from only-Windows to All-software, allowing it re-emerge as the proverbial Phoenix. SurveyMonkey check half-decade from now, may well tell a different story on customer satisfaction, indeed.

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    which they are doing already. so shut up Surveymonkey with those lame polls.

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